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Sexual Abuse - Surviving

Beauty for Ashes, by Joyce Meyer 
Rachel Cruz' Story 
Kind-hearted Woman (PBS) 

Several years ago, I met a woman who went through sexual abuse when she was a child.  She's my age, in her thirties now, and she was almost destroyed by her childhoood trauma.  She told me about how she had gone through periods of doing drugs and engaging in other destructive behavior.  She also had gone through periods of being placed on medications (such as anti-depressants) by her psychiatrist.  After meeting this woman years ago, I've come across resources such as those from Joyce Meyer (who is a preacher and a survivor of sexual abuse.)  Damage from sexual abuse is not easy to recover from, but it's possible.  I thought I'd do my part and provide the resources here in the SpirFit Academy.


Rape of Undocumented Workers (PBS Frontline) 

Legal Help for Undocumented Workers who are Rape Victims


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