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Academic Lessons

ACT Reading (CUNY)
Brain Training

CATW (CUNY Assessment Test in Writing)
Common Core Standards
Documentaries and Educational Videos
Fitness, Nutrition, and Slimming
Life Lessons

Medicine and Personal Health
The Message


Academic Lessons

Academic Approach: How to Do Well in School
ACT Reading (CUNY)
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Art History
CATW (CUNY Assessment Test in Writing)
Common Core Standards
Computer Science (Khan Academy)
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (MIT)
Cosmology and Astronomy
CUNY ACT Reading
Engineering MIT+K12
Finance and Economics
Healthcare and Medicine
Human Anatomy

Kingsborough Frequently Visited Resources

Math  (Arithmetic, Algebra, Pre-algebra, Trig, Geometry, Stat, SAT Math...)

Organic Chemistry
Startups: Raising Money
Startups: How to Build One
U.S. Civics
U.S. Government, History, and Politics
Vocabulary (NLN, SAT, and General)


Brain Training

Brain Training Games and Exercises


Documentaries and Educational Videos

Documentaries, Talk, and Educational Videos



Fitness and Weight-Loss/Slimming Lessons

8 Habits for Increasing Your Metabolism
Breaking a Habit/Pattern (such as overeating)
Cheapest Months to Join a Gym
Do You Really Want to "Lose Weight"?
Don't Only Focus on Weight
Exercise Helps Cancer Patients
Fruits Do Not Cause Bad Weight Gain
Health and Medicine Section
Importance of Spirituality in Physical Fitness
Magic Practice, No Magic Pill
Medicine and Health Section
Simple Way of Getting Slim and Eating Healthy at a Low Cost
Paleo Diet
Prevent All From Going Downhill
Prevent Tragedy for Your Children
Increase Your Metabolism With Water
Should You Lift Weights If You Want to Slim Down?
Simple Way of Eating Healthy at a Low Cost and Getting Slim
Start with Your Mind If You Want to Slim Down
Stretches for Preventing Lower Back Problems
To Get In Shape, You Must Understand This
USDA Dietary Guidelines

Life Lessons

40 Years: Get Out of the Desert Already
Before Dying, Live Your Life, Not Someone Else's
Breaking a Bad Pattern or Habit
Change Something
Dealing with people at work
Don't let your possessions possess you
Iconoclasts - learning from them 
Facing uncertainties
Follow Your Heart, by Steve Jobs
Frustrations on the Road
Going through a storm
Habitual Thoughts Determine Results
How do I forgive
How You'll Make It
Minding the Millimeter
Never Too Late to Live Your Dream (Part 1) New
Is There Room in Your Cup
Life lessons from Lebron's departure and Miami
Living the Simple Life
Living the Spiritual Life
The Message
The Search for true love
Sexual Abuse - Surviving and Recovering
Solving Life's Problems
Steven Covey - Lessons and Resources
Steven Covey - Videos and Lessons
Tao Te Ching
Willing to Pay the Price

Medicine and Personal Health

Bacteria Resistant to Antibiotics
Breast-Fed Babies Need Vitamin D Supplementation
Chopra Center - Lessons and Videos
Diabetes and Weight Management - Planning Your Meals
Decisions for Medical Treatment
Hay Fever, Sinuses, and Neti Pot
Healing with Your Mind
Healing Ultimately
LDL Cholesterol - How to Lower It
Neti Pot (for Hay Fever and Colds)
Reliable Medical & Health Info Search
Retinal Detachment
The Only Safe Way to Tan
Your Doctor's Values Vs. Your Values


The Message

The Message