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CATW (CUNY Assessment Test in Writing)

New CATW Practice Prompt - 3D Imaging Improves Medicine


Guides and Lessons
Video 1: How the CATW is Scored

CATW Info, Practice, Scoring Guide, and Samples

Video 2: This Common Misperception Will Make You Fail
CATW Handbook
Intro and Tutorial (from John Jay)

CATW Practice - One Thing At a Time
Why Some Students Fail the CATW (Part 1)

Exam Preparation-Part 1
(Weeks Before Exam)
Why Some Students Fail the CATW (Part 2)

Exam Preparation-Part 2
(Day Before Exam)

CATW Info and Practice - Hype


Practice Prompts

CATW Practice - 3D Imaging Improves Medicine

CATW Practice - Beyond Happiness
CATW Practice - Diet Supplements Hospitalize

CATW Practice -
Minding the Millimeter

(November 2015)

CATW Practice - Smell or Cellphone WITH SAMPLE ESSAY (October 2015) CATW Practice - Ugly Toll of Technology
CATW Practice - Jobs and Obesity Epidemic
CATW Practice - Individuals in Groups
(with Sample Essay)

CATW Exercise 1 -
Friendship Bond

CATW Practice - Unlicensed Drivers
CATW Exercise 2 - Friendship Bond with Sample Essay

CATW Practice - Wii for Grandparents

CATW Collection of Prompts from Blaisdell
CATW Practice - Beauty Discrimination

CATW Practice - True Instinct for Beautiful
CATW Practice - Good Sentence

CATW Practice - Men
CATW Practice - Boys and Girls

CATW Practice - Google
CATW Practice - Segregation

CATW Practice - Great Mothers Great Leaders?

CATW Practice - Oxen

CATW Practice - Facebook
CATW Practice - Stages of Friendship

CATW Practice - Stress

CATW Practice - Last Name

CATW Practice - Marriage
  CATW Practice - Elementary Students College Goals

  CATW Practice Prompts - BMCC ESL Lab

CATW Practice - Materialism

CATW Practice - Reading Underground

CATW Practice - Solve Problem with Humor

CATW Practice - Raising Nerd


Exercises to Train Your Mind for the CATW

Be Lucky

Genius Modern View

Minding Manners

  Social Class


Other CATW Tutorials and Resources

CATW Intro and Tutorial
(from John Jay)

General Writing Tutorial (from John Jay)
CATW Prompts from BMCC Eng 95 Grammar Tutorial
(from John Jay)
Writing Language Skills Practices (CENGAGE)
CATW Prompts (from Laguardia Community College)
CATW Prompts (from BMCC ESL Lab) The One Secret to Passing the CATW


Other Information

Where to Check Your Score
(KCC Students Only)
Testing Offices (Various CUNY's)  



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