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CUNY ACT Reading

Introductory Guide to CATR or CUNY ACT Reading

Approach and Strategies to Do Well in CUNY ACT Reading
Protocol for CUNY ACT Reading


Practice ACT Reading Exams
Answer Keys to Practice Exams
ACT Practice: Alzheimer's Answer Key:  Alzheimer's
ACT Practice A9
A9 Answer Key
ACT Practice A36
A36 Answer Key
ACT Practice A23

A23 Answer Key
ACT Practice A25
(Added 10/10/2012)
A25 Answer Key
ACT Practice A28
(Added 10/10/2012)
A28 Answer Key
ACT Practice A33
(Added 10/10/2012)
A33 Answer Key
ACT Practice A37
(Added 10/10/2012)
A37 Answer Key
ACT Practice - Andean Farmers (with Answer Key)
ACT Practice - Jean Piaget
Jean Piaget Answer Key
Practice Exam Sample (with Answer Key)


Computer Reading Practices

Computer Reading Practices  (on CENGAGE)

Computer Practice Reading (UNG) 1

Computer Practice Reading (UNG) 2

Computer Practice Reading
(UNG) 3

Computer Practice Reading (UNG) 4

Computer ACT Reading and Videos (McGraw Hill)
Computer Reading and ACT Reading Practices (John Jay)
Computer Practice Reading Test (GSU)


Other Resources for ACT Reading
Vocabulary Improvement/Training



CATW practices and information


The Secret to Passing the ACT Reading


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